The next round of 8-week group yoga classes to explore yoga and other mindfulness techniques like you’ve never experienced before recently ended. The dates for the next round of Virtual Group Yoga Classes have not been announced yet.    

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The yoga we’re going to do together is not about how far you can stretch, it’s about going beyond the forms of yoga and focusing on running prana (natural energy medicine) in the body to:

I’m a lawyer and I’ve created these group yoga classes to help other lawyers:

Features of the Group Yoga Classes:

yoga for lawyers
I took this photo at my first yoga retreat in 2013, where I was first introduced to this type of yoga practice

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Who are the group yoga classes for?


Lawyers who want to invest in themselves, are willing to get uncomfortable and try yoga in new ways.

You don’t need to have any previous yoga experience to join. All levels are welcome. 

Whether you’ve never done yoga before, only tried it a handful of times or have a dedicated practice already, you’ll love the yoga practice that we’re going to share together. 

This yoga practice will be nothing like you’ve ever tried before. 

But, most of all, you’ll love being in a community of lawyers practicing yoga and going beyond.

Who are the group yoga classes NOT for?

The yoga classes are not for anyone looking for a workout from their yoga practice (i.e. this is not hot yoga).

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What is Beyond Yoga for Lawyers?

The group yoga classes will be so much more than a typical yoga class that you might be used to. If you’ve ever tried a yoga class before, you’re probably familiar with drop-in classes where you move through poses and sequences. 

In Beyond Yoga for Lawyers, we’re going beyond the forms of yoga. This is not another drop-in class.

We will go deep into the body, so you can connect with your body and soul on a much deeper level. We’ll do breathing exercises, meditation, yoga sequences and more, but in ways that’ll be different than what you might have seen or tried.

This yoga space will also be a safe place where lawyers can connect and build a community.

What's included in the group yoga classes?

When do the next group yoga classes start?

Virtual (Zoom) yoga classes recently ended but are usually on Wednesday evenings.

The next round of classes will start on:


When do the next group yoga classes end?


How long are the classes each week?

1 hour (60 minutes)

What time is the class each week?

Each yoga class will start at 7PM (MST) and end at 8PM (MST).

What is the investment for the group yoga classes?

$245 USD to be paid by PayPal. (That’s only $30.62 per class.)

How do I register for the group yoga classes?

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What if I have more questions?

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have, so feel free to email me at: 

Aman - Founder & Yoga Teacher at Beyond Yoga for Lawyers

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Student Testimonials

"Beyond Yoga for Lawyers came to me exactly when I needed it. I am a busy Big Law lawyer and a mom to a little baby boy. I was so busy trying to balance it all that I really had let a lot of my self-care slip. Until I did Beyond Yoga for Lawyers I hadn’t really felt connected with my body following the birth of my son. The classes allowed me to turn inward, have some me time, relax and learn some stress relieving tips to use during those busy work days. Aman is calming and an amazing soul. She is also super informative about the poses and techniques during the classes, which, as a nerd, I was totally into. I highly recommend this program for all lawyers, but especially those who need to set aside some time away from the laptop, the children and the rest of the world for a little bit each week!"
Lauren K.
"Thank you, Aman for sharing your amazing talents during the Beyond Yoga for Lawyers session this Spring. Your teaching style is reassuring and supportive physically and spiritually. You masterfully provided corrections and modifications during each asana which was especially challenging considering we were practicing over a virtual link and did not have the benefit of “hands on” instruction. This is the first time I have had a yoga teacher provide me with so much guidance on how to make the practice of yoga my own as opposed to a series of postures that fit together. Your generous instruction and technique truly embody the spirit of yoga as a mindful and compassionate practice. Most of all, your instruction provided me with a safe space to expand in my yoga practice during a very unsettling time. I can hardly wait to participate in another Beyond Yoga for Lawyers experience in September. "
Chris B.
"“Beyond Yoga for Lawyers gave me the perfect opportunity to show up for myself one night each week to de-stress and focus on the power of my body and breath. I’ve incorporated some breathing techniques and stretches from the class into my days at the office when I notice myself feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Thanks for the wonderful tools, Aman!"
Amanda G.
"Yoga classes with Aman (and Tom) were a always a welcome moment of calm. It was a great opportunity to refocus and learn movements and breathing techniques to counteract that sometimes frantic lifestyle we call private practice. I can’t recommend enough that you schedule BYFL into your week!"
Annabritt C.
"Thank you so much for being such an amazing and inspirational teacher. I had so much fun taking your class. I loved Aman's yoga class. She brings deep focus on each technique, which really helped me to practice in a safe and sustainable way by ensuring I had a solid base of understanding of each posture that was explained in great detail to me. Her wonderful husband, Tom, was absolutely amazing at demonstrating each posture in great detail. This also created a welcoming, non-judgmental and emotionally safe environment in which you can try new things without fear of feeling you're not able to do the postures. She let you go at your own pace. At the end of the class, I felt very chilled out."