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Aman's Short Story

I started on a traditional legal path right out of law school in 2012 and became a partner at the law firm I started at in 2018. But, after years of feeling like I wasn’t 100% fulfilled in my life with “just the law”, I took action in 2019 to create a life I love.

I started on a path towards building an Empire of Freedom by bringing back fun and adventure into my life, starting my own business teaching yoga to lawyers (Beyond Yoga for Lawyers), investing in a local start-up and purchasing an apartment building with my husband, all while practicing my favourite kind of law: administrative law, with a focus on professional regulation.

It’s been a dream of mine to travel for longer than 3 weeks AND be an extra in a Christmas rom-com. And, it’s crazy for me to say this, but they’ve BOTH COME TRUE recently and with young son! It was SO FUN!

Wanna see pictures from the rom-com filming? Click here. Wanna see a glimpse into our 6-week Amsterdam and Portugal trip? Check out the Portugal story highlight on my Instagram

How did I create this for myself? Through the yoga practice I’ve been doing once a week for the last 10 years and am now teaching to lawyers.

Want to know even more?

In 2013, near the end of my articling year, I got a gut feeling that I should go to a yoga retreat. I tend to follow my gut feelings, so I Googled “yoga retreat” and found one with Anna Radyo (my yoga teacher to this day) and Elisabeth Michielsen.

At that yoga retreat, I laughed, cried, met one of my best friends and got introduced to a yoga I never knew existed. We learned about and worked with moving energy in the body and the breathing muscles in our backs. Wait, what, we have energy in our body and there are breathing muscles in our backs?! How had I not known this when I’d done over 100 hatha, hot yoga and just straight up yoga classes?! I wanted to learn more!

In addition to learning and trying many new things that weekend, I also noticed that my new best friend and I were the youngest people at the yoga retreat. I got curious about why there were not more young people benefiting from this kind of yoga practice. As I talked to the other students, I learned that they’d been doing this yoga with the two teachers for years — most of them for over 15 years! Also, a common thing I heard from the students was how they wished they’d found this yoga practice earlier in their lives.

I believe there was something magical and life changing to this yoga if they had been dedicated to it for 15+ years. Well, after 10 years (and counting) of learning from my teacher, Anna, I totally get it. I’m so committed and believe so passionately in this yoga practice that I ‘ve worked through my fears of what other people are going to think of me doing this and have taught over 50 yoga classes to lawyers

So, then, you might be wondering why I want to share this yoga with other lawyers? 

It has changed my life. And, I truly believe this yoga practice has allowed me to stay as a lawyer in private practice for as long as I have (11 years) AND has been the gateway to living a bigger, happier life on my terms.

It has given me coping mechanisms that allow me to be less angry and less reactive in daily life – in all my relationships and most importantly in being a new mom. I’m a better listener because of it and have tools and techniques that have helped me through situations that cause me to feel stressed and anxious like, court applications; urgent matters and filing deadlines; hearings; presentations and even when I’m running late and feel like I never have enough time. I’ve also developed an awareness of where I hold tension in my body and that I hold my breath when I’m stressed. I’ve learned to notice when this happens and gently remind myself to exhale.

I want to share the benefits of this yoga practice with lawyers. We are a unique group of people who can understand each other and relate to the stressors that come with being a lawyer in ways that non-lawyers cannot.

I’ve been able to apply the techniques that I’ve learned in this yoga practice to my legal career and being a partner. I want to share this with other lawyers and believe I’m uniquely positioned to provide insight into managing stress through yoga and breathing techniques. Not only can I relate to other lawyers by sharing yoga, but I create a safe, friendly and supportive environment for us to be open and to provide support for the stresses of daily life and our busy legal careers and non-legal career paths.

I believe I have a gift to help other lawyers by sharing this yoga practice. Let me help you. 

Tom - my husband, lawyer and yogi

yoga for lawyers

I’m married to a lawyer. We met in law school and before my husband and I had our son (Matteo) in July 2022, we did the yoga classes together. I taught while Tom demonstrated. Since his birth, Tom watches Matteo while I teach. But, one day I know we’ll lead classes together again, so here’s a little about him. 

About 6 years ago, I managed to convince him to join my yoga class because of all the benefits I’ve experienced. We’ve been going to class together ever since. And, even though I’ve been going for way longer somehow he’s managed to have our teacher say “Tom, you must have been a yogi from a past life”, while I often still hear from our teacher, “Aman, 10-15% less effort.” He’s a natural, while I focus on trying less — how do you even try less anyway?! Well, I’ve got some answers. 

Come join me. I’d love to have you in my community of lawyers doing yoga.

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