FAQs About Classes

Is the yoga hard that you teach?

No. I teach a relaxing kind of yoga. That’s also why it’s in the evening, so that you can take that relaxation into a wonderful yoga sleep that’s a deep and uninterrupted sleep.

If you’re looking for a hot yoga or strenuous class, then don’t sign up because you’ll be disappointed. 

The yoga I share is slow-paced, incorporates meditation techniques and breathing and is focused on increasing the energy movement in your body and not your heart rate. 

Do I have to be flexible to do the yoga?


In addition to the yoga I teach being slow-paced, it also works for all levels of flexibility. My husband, who also does this kind of yoga, isn’t flexible. But, that doesn’t matter because he meets his body exactly where it is and doesn’t push himself to do more than what feels just right each class. 

I’m quite flexible (cause I’ve danced since I was 5 years old), but I don’t push myself to go as far as I can in poses because that’s not the point of the yoga I teach. Also, I’m not perfect, my balance is different every class and after having a baby, I’m reconnecting with my body in a new way. 

I encourage you not let the fact that you think you’re not flexible, be the reason you don’t join and try out this yoga. The best thing that could happen is that it changes your life!

Do I have to be practicing law to join the yoga classes?


All lawyers are welcome – whether you’ve left the law to start your own business or are non-practicing. As lawyers we can connect and relate with each other in a way non-lawyers cannot, so come join a group that gets it. No explanations needed. 

What equipment is needed for the yoga classes?

– 1 yoga mat (required)

– 1 yoga strap (or belt from a robe/jacket or long belt)

– 2 or more yoga blocks to use for balance and to sit on (or textbooks, binders and blankets can work)

– a wall close by

– a blanket

– room-temperature water (not cold)

– eye masks for shavasana 

What if I have to miss a yoga class?

I’ve got you covered and you won’t need to worry. 

After every group yoga class, I’ll be sending out a recording of the class, you won’t feel like you missed anything. You’ll be all set for the next week’s class.

✨Sending out the Zoom recording after class is a NEW feature this next round of classes and not something I’ve done before.

Do you have a free class online that I could try to see if I like it?


But, first let me tell you that it’s a 75 minute yoga class that I taught as a webinar. So, it’s not as interactive as my classes normally are and the quality isn’t the best, but it’ll definitely give you an idea of the kind of yoga I teach. 

Click here to view the video on YouTube 

If I've done the yoga program, can I join again?


These group yoga classes are meant to be a weekly, life-long practice for you.

This relaxing yoga practice I share with you is not a one-and-done. It’s meant to be practiced consistently — with me, that’s weekly because as lawyers, I get it we’re busy and have lots of demands and commitments on us. But, I believe, we can all find time once a week for this practice. And, it’s by Zoom, so you don’t even have to drive, park, etc.