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Now is the perfect time to get re-energized about life. About your dreams and what’s most important to you. So, let’s get you signed up to make a vision board that’ll remind you daily of what’s most important in your life.  

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Investment is $199 USD for the 3-hour Experience.

Last day to register is Friday, October 21, 2022.

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Testimonial for In-person Yoga & Vision Board Experience lead May 2022 in Vancouver

I flew to Vancouver to lead an in-person Yoga & Vision Board Experience in May for the lawyers at Forte Law. It was such a powerful experience for all of us! Here’s how Sara Forte, Founder of Forte Law described the Experience 💗

✨The coolest part: I created this opportunity for myself! And you can too!! I believe you can live your life on your own terms, be happy and love the life you’re living. If you need an example, I’m one!

Here are some photos from that in-person Yoga & Vision Board Experience lead May 2022

yoga for lawyers
This is me with my 2022 Vision Board. I made this Vision Board in December 2021, but I never finished it because I ran out of time. It took me until May 2022 to "find time" to finish it. But, it bugged me all that time that I hadn't finished my board. So, I don't want this for you and that's another reason I'm leading this experience. I want you to finish it (if you choose) in our time together, so it can be a daily reminder of your dreams (conscious and unconscious).
yoga for lawyers
Here's a look at all the lawyer vision boards. Notice how different they are. One is vertical, some have lots of white space, some don't. My favourite part is that there are NO RULES!
I was flown out to Vancouver to lead this Experience. In my suitcase and carry-on, I packed 40lbs of magazines 😂. My husband had about 10lbs in his carry-on! It was a team effort!
yoga for lawyers
Our yoga space before we put the tables and chairs back for the Vision Board portion.

Want to know more about the Experience? Here are all the details:

✅When? Friday, October 28, 2022. The Experience will be 3 hours from 12-3pm MT [11am PT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET]

✅Where? Zoom. No COVID protocols, no travel and best of all, comfy pants.

✅Who? Lawyers – practicing or non-practicing. No prior vision board or yoga experience is needed.⁠ All levels are welcome. The yoga will be easy and rejuvenating.⁠

👉🏽 Yoga Experience (approx. 30 minutes)

You’ll be led through relaxing and rejuvenating yoga and breathing techniques. They’re quick and easy ways to relieve stress and quiet the habitual thinking mind. Each one can be done in 5 minutes or less and vary from being able to be done on-the-go, in the middle of a meeting, at your desk or as part of your morning or evening routine. You’ll try lawyer tried and tested favourites, while also letting go of the week, getting into a calm state of mind and opening up your creative channels for the vision board experience. 
No previous yoga experience needed – just an open mind and willingness to try yoga in new ways.

👉🏽 Vision Board Experience (approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes)

You’ll create your own vision board that reflects both your personal and professional life. There are no rules when it comes to creating a vision board, but don’t worry, you’ll be given some guidance and support at the start and throughout the experience. At the end, you’ll revel in your vision, and leave with your own vision board you can put somewhere that you’ll see everyday. 

👉🏽 We’ll finish with an open sharing of our vision boards (for those who want to share. No pressure!)

This experience is an opportunity for you to pause the busyness of life, take control of your future with intention & change your life. To create a dream board that you see daily that reminds you of what’s most important to you. 

✅Investment: $199 USD (paid via PayPal

✅What to do today if you want to join me: 
1. Scroll to the top of this page + enter your email

2. Scroll to the top of this page + pay for the Experience

3. Check your Junk Folder to make sure you get my emails about the Experience

4. Block Friday, October 28 from 12-3pm MT in your calendar for the Experience!

My 2020 Vision Board - She became me!

yoga for lawyers

Vision Board She became Me! The image on the left is from my 2021 vision board & the image on the right is me, when I was in Tofino, BC in July 2021 paddleboarding my heart away. ⁠
This was the first time I tried paddleboarding on the ocean. I was terrified to try something new. I thought I wouldn’t be any good, that I was going to fall into the ocean & something might bite me or that I’d be slower than everyone else. ⁠

💁🏽‍♀️Turns out, I absolutely loved it! The water wasn’t deep & you could see to the bottom. I never fell in & Tom (my husband) and I were the only ppl on the experience with the guide, so yes I was the slowest out of 3, but I never felt less than. ⁠
Today’s thought: What’s something new that you can try or get yourself signed up for before the end of the year? Maybe it’s something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Anything. Just pick something. ⁠

👉🏽Maybe it’s a Yoga & Vision Board Experience, if yes, you’ve got to get signed up for it! 

✨Here’s to trying new things & getting outside our comfort zones!

Want to know more about me?

I started on a traditional legal path right out of law school in 2012 and became a partner at the law firm I articled at in 2018 (Shores Jardine LLP). But, after years of having a feeling like I wanted more in my life, I decided to take action in 2019 to create a life I love. I started on a path towards building my own Empire of Freedom by bringing back fun and adventure into my life, starting my own business teaching yoga to lawyers (Beyond Yoga for Lawyers), investing in a local start-up and most recently purchasing an apartment building with my husband, all while practicing my favourite kind of law: administrative law, with a focus on professional regulation. Being in a Hallmark movie and writing a children’s book are some of my future goals.