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yoga for lawyers

Aman Costigan - mom, partner/lawyer, founder & yoga teacher

I started on a traditional legal path right out of law school in 2012 and became a partner at the law firm I started at in 2018. But, after years of feeling unfulfilled in my life with “just the law”, I took action in 2019 to create a life I love.

I started on a path towards building an Empire of Freedom by bringing back fun and adventure into my life, starting my own business teaching yoga to lawyers (Beyond Yoga for Lawyers), investing in a local start-up and purchasing an apartment building with my husband, all while practicing my favourite kind of law: administrative law, with a focus on professional regulation.

It’s been a dream of mine to travel for longer than 3 weeks AND be an extra in a Christmas rom-com. And, it’s crazy for me to say this, but they’ve BOTH COME TRUE recently and with my young son! It was SO FUN! 

How did I create this for myself? Through the yoga practice I’ve been doing once a week for the last 10 years and am now teaching to lawyers.

Know this: there are different ways to be a lawyer and a happy human.